Shocking Lack of talent and depth – YOG.

Is it any surprise that in a nation where the only sports that almost every Singaporean grudgingly takes part in is the ‘early morning public transport rush’ and ‘going home before dinner public transport rush’, that you’ll find a lack of talent within the athletics discipline?

Oh come on!

Kids in other countries, they wake up, they walk/jog maybe 5 or 10 miles, cross a few rivers, hunt their lunch/dinner with bows and arrows, traverse a few giant hometrees and fly with a banshee or two before reaching school.

Oh wait, that’s on Pandora.

Anyway, overheard are shouts that our talent pool ‘does not augur well for Singapore’s (sporting) future.

In fact, it never has and never will, not until the government takes steps to ensure that sportsmen are renumerated as well as their capitalistic business counterparts.

The reaction of the sporting body amazes and shocks me more than their own shock, because quite simply, we should be supporting these kids, instead of expressing our dismay.

Humans react to reactions, and when they don’t see encouragement, then there’s only so much that they can conjure and pretend to have.

To these kids that were selected, don’t worry, do your best, and give it all that you’ve got.

It’s okay to fail and lose, as long as you know, more than just having given your best shot, that you’ve courageously stepped up and dared to take that shot.

Because quite rightly, you’ll miss every shot that you never take.

Read more on the shocking revelations of Singapore’s Athletic Association shocking revelations on shocking revelations on talent depths.

Really, it’s not that shocking.


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